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With over 30 years experience in Real Estate Sales and Rental Property Management, I will help you achieve your personal real estate goals simply and stress-free!

REALTY PROFILES is a full-service company formed in 2002.  We have helped numerous homeowners to make the difficult decision whether to rent or sell their homes with wonderful results.  

Fo rentals, we have an extensive strategy to help match qualified renters willing to pay top dollar for our investor clients. 

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Real Estate News:

Tips to Consider in Buying a Home

We all work hard to reach the peak of our success and behind every success is a family who gives comfort and support all the time. As a reward, isn’t it time to treat yourself and your loved ones a sweet and warm place that you can proudly call home?  As such, here are some practical tips to help you find your dream home.  Read more


Residents are slowly but surely coming around to the idea of having renter’s insurance. And that’s good news for homeowners.

A 2014 Insurance Information Institute (III) poll conducted by ORC International found that 37 percent of renters have renter’s insurance, up eight percent from 2011. The number has steadily grown since 2006, when about seven million policies were written. In 2011, some 10.7 million renters had coverage. Read more


Rain or shine, keeping your properties in tip-top shape is necessary for happy owners, happy tenants and excited prospects. But getting it all together behind the scenes can be a messy process.

Effective management of repairs and expenses goes beyond getting good deals on replacement items. As with many business applications, properly managing maintenance issues often comes down to people, processes and technology. An approach that doesn’t involve a business solution that includes those three critical elements could fall short and cost a company money in terms of outgoing expenses or missed revenue opportunities for fee managers. Read more


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