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About Realty Profiles

REALTY PROFILES Property Management Company was formed in 2009 with a commitment to absolute quality service.  

Never before in the history of Wisconsin real estate have homeowners found the need to consider another option to selling their properties. Prior to the real estate "bubble burst" in 2007,  anyone purchasing a home in Wisconsin was reasonably assured that they would be able to sell their homes for the same, many times more than their purchase price.

Now many homeowners are faced with trying to sell properties that are many of thousands of dollars less than what they bought. This is where Realty Profiles comes in - we are proud to offer you another feasible option. 

Fortunately for Madisonites, the University system along with many high-tech companies are based in or near the greater Madison area.  The demand for rentals, and especially high-end rentals is great. There are many medical, academic, and corporate professionals, who are constantly flowing into Madison year-round. Oftentimes they are on contract, and not especially keen on purchasing a home, but want (and are willing to pay good rents for) nice homes/condos in which their families can live.  Many want to rent for a period of time before deciding on which neighborhood appeals to them and their families.  

Realty Profiles taps into this niche of professionals.  With our extensive background, we are able to attract, qualify and match these high-end renters with your high-end homes. It's a win-win situation. 

We cater to those owners who may want to :

1) Wait out the market to see if by holding off selling for a year or two for a more favorable real estate market, they might be able to recoup thousands upon thousands of dollars more than selling now,

2) Go on a Sabbatical or similar, and want to have someone professional and who knows the responsiblilities of homeownership to take care of their homes while generating great rental income to cover their mortgage payments.,

3) The head of a family who is leaving their beloved home and neighborhood for a job transfer that they arent 100% about, but owe it to themselves to at least try - but to have that home and neighborhood to come back to just in case...

We are a proven Property Management Company - proud of our success, proud to assist anyone with the desire to work with a company with QUALITY and SERVICE at the core of its business ethic.

Warm regards,  Diana Hause 

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Diana Yuri Hause - Owner/ Principal Broker
Realty Profiles LLC
Sales and Property Management Services

Email: RealtyProfilesWI@gmail.com
Direct: 608-217-4957